Fully Automatic Pulp Molded


SD-P09 Fully Automatic Pulp Molded Tableware Machine

Fully Automatic
Free Punching Free Trimming
Applied to produce plate, bowl, tray, box, cup, lid

SD-P09 Fully Automatic Pulp Molded Tableware Machine

Far East Is Commited To Be Pulp Molded Tableware

Solutions Provider



In 1992, Far East was founded as a technology firm focused on the development and manufacture of plant fiber molded tableware machinery. We were quickly hired by the government to help solve an urgent environmental problem caused by Styrofoam products.We committed our company to developing machine technology for the manufacture of …



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    On November 18th, Zhejiang Great Shengda Packing Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Great Shengda”) and GeoTegrity Ecopack (Xiamen) Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “GeoTegrity“) signed a strategic cooperation at the headquarters of GeoTgrity. The two parties will g...

  • The Second Batch Of Fully Automatic Pulp Molding Tableware Equipment From Far East · Geotegrity Are Loaded And Will Ship to USA!

    Far East · Geotegrity attaches great importance to overseas market expansion. https://www.fareastpulpmolding.com/uploads/1.mp4 The equipment has obtained European “CE” certification, American “UL” certification. The first LD-12-1850B energy-saving fully automated free trimming, fre...

  • Breaking News On 9th Nov 2021

    Breaking news: on 5th Nov 2021, DaShengDa- A big public company in China, signed an agreement with Xiamen Geotegrity Ecopack Co.,Ltd to purchase 120sets of SD-P09 free trimming free punching fully automatic pulp molded tableware machines for their pulp molded tableware plant in HaiNan, Dashengda ...

  • Breaking News from Far East /Geotegrity

    This week, We have dispatched 40 sets of free trimming free punching fully automatic machines to ShanYing Paper Mill , who is one of the biggest paper making group in China. In 2020, ShanYing Paper group and Far East / Geotegrity entered into a stragestic cooperation and signed contract of 100s...

  • Far East New Machinery Workshop

    As the ban on plastic in the whole world, the demand for biodegradable and compostable pulp molding tableware machine and pulp molded tableware is increasing rapidly.   To meet the increasing market demand, Quanzhou Far East Environmental Protection Equipment Co., LTD. established a new pul...